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Meet Mr Shilton: Nice haircuts for nice people.

As the first business to move into The Feel Good Building after Oltco, hairstylist Mr Shilton is the self-proclaimed Maître D’ of the place. “It’s a real pleasure to come into work here,” he says from his vintage-style hair studio. “I feel a real synergy with the people and businesses around me and I’m honoured to be part of the Feel Good community. It’s a bit like the Founder, JP, has made a high street of things he likes. And I feel really complimented to be seen as a part of that.”

Mr Shilton’s style and personality fit seamlessly with the authentic and friendly vibe of the building. As soon as you step into his studio you really do want to soak up every moment of your allotted hour in the beautifully designed environment. “I’ve created a space that’s aesthetically pleasing but also perfectly functional,” he explains of his vintage minimalist style. “Designing it was like orchestrating a dance.” Meticulously converted from the shell of a garage, everything sits in line at exactly 187cm high – from the locker and the shelf, to the number 9 on the clock. Even the scissors are laid out perfectly. “You wouldn’t go into a restaurant and sit at a messy table. It’s just good manners to present yourself neatly,” he says.

It’s not just the design of the studio that makes having a haircut special. His appointment only, one-at-a-time service means that Mr Shilton’s approach is tailored not only to your hair style, but the atmosphere is also primed to each individual. The sort of guy who’s found through word of mouth, most clients are returning customers or come through referral. Getting to know Mr Shilton – and him getting to know you – is what the connection and feel good factor is all about. A haircut or beard trim is all part of a bigger experience.

A volunteer for the coastguard and a lover of his yoga mat when time allows, Mr Shilton is entrenched in the coastal lifestyle beyond his hair studio. “It’s really nice being a part a community, and I try to make as a big a contribution to my environment as I can,” he explains.

“The Feel Good Building has offered me the ideal location to branch out and be fully independent, while also being part of a community,” Mr Shilton explains of his new base. “It’s a great opportunity to push myself out of the comfort zone of being under someone else’s shop banner. As a sole trader it’s just great for people to see the value in my business. I can do my job from anywhere. But for it to feel so nice to get up and come to work is something else. It’s like my own little corner of paradise.”

Call Mr Shilton on: 07858 553857

Men’s and women’s cuts available. Appointment only.

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