Launch of The Feel Good Building


Launch of The Feel Good Building

The Feel Good Building is open for business. A vibrant co-working space in Newquay, we’re a community of independent, innovative individuals who are in the business of doing good things and making going to work feel good.

A pioneering work space, The Feel Good Building has like-minded people, values-led businesses and the environment at its heart. It was created by the Founders of Oltco, Johnny Pearce and Tom Stringer, who wanted to make a space in their home town where people can work, socialise and achieve their dreams. “Everything about the building is designed to make you feel good,” says Johnny Pearce.

A space where you can bring work, family and social lives together, there’s everything at your fingertips to make going to work feel good – from great coffee to get your creative juices flowing, and a yoga studio to stretch out in, to a bar and hangout area for a game of pool or darts. Other facilities include communal working areas, a resin courtyard, foodie outlets and two kitchens with everything you need to whip up your own gourmet lunch. “It doesn’t feel like going into the office. It feels like we’re friends and family, as we have the space and facilities to enjoy each other’s time,” says one of Oltco’s employees.

From the sensory carpets and jungle installations, to sunshine yellow walls, the decor is as vibrant and inspiring as the businesses that reside here. There’s a synergy between the individuals behind a spectrum of enterprises – that range from a B-Corp communications agency and hairstylist, to an artsy houseplant-cum-surf shop and a sacral cranial therapist. What everyone has in common is that they are in the business of doing good things and giving back to the community that they are part of.

The building itself is entrenched in Newquay’s surfing history and was once the production base for The European Surfing Co. It was here that The European Surfing Co. made the first fibreglass surfboards on an industrial scale, and pioneered the precision use of polyester/polyurethane resins along with fine grain fibreglass cloths. Half a century later, a new resin-product pioneer, Oltco, has returned to the very same territory and made the Feel Good Building its HQ.

Footsteps from the ocean, it’s little wonder that the building is filled with a bunch of ocean-loving folk who are passionate about the sea and keeping it clean. As you walk in you’ll be struck by a stunning mural of Poseidon the God of Water, cleaning the ocean. Created by the super-talented local artist Joe Greenway, this is designed to raise awareness for cleaner oceans, look fantastic, and make you feel good as you come into work. The building is also a drop-off point for beach plastic collections, which will be recycled and turned into beautiful driveways by Oltco.

So, welcome to The Feel Good Building. Come and join us and do good things.

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